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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: How many treatments will my animal need?

That depends upon the severity of the problem and the length of time your animal has been out of alignment. Some conditions respond after only one treatment, others will need a series. In the majority of cases, improvement is visible immediately. Movement is more fluid, the rear legs are stronger and the entire body is more relaxed. Often owners notice increased enthusiasm and vitality.

Q: Is there anything I can do to help my pet heal faster?

To help your animal hold the alignment it is best to limit rough play and any kind of head jerking for at least a week after the adjustment (i.e. tug of war games). Dogs should be leashed using a harness rather than a collar, and diet should be monitored and an ideal weight maintained.

Q: Will a chiropractic adjustment hurt my pet?

Usually not. The animal may fuss a bit during the treatment but there is no pain. 

Q: Are there any negative side effects from the treatment?

On the third day after an adjustment, especially after the first adjustment, the animal may appear tired.

This will pass within a day.


Q: How long does an adjustment last?

Protecting the alignment is key, especially during the first week. Rest is recommended. This depends on the animal and breed, as well as lifestyle. After each adjustment, we discuss how best to maintain the alignment for your animal.

Q: My dog runs and plays well. can there still be something out of alignment?

Yes. A preliminary exam and Conscious Proprioception Reflex will reveal if there's a spinal misalignment.


Q: What kind of animals do you treat?

My clients are most often dogs, cats, rabbits, and horses. I have also treated birds of all sizes, a buffalo, and wild animals.


Q: What can I expect as a result of using animal chiropractic care?

Often an owner sees their pet with more energy and improved athletic movement. Animals with hip dysplasia or who are three-legged experience better body balance and coordination. I see animals relax and become better aligned with their energy versus being scattered. Joints have better extension and flexion, therefore animals feel less pain, fatigue, and muscle weakness.

Q: Is there one thing you’d like all owners to know about animal chiropractic?

Yes, chiropractic works to eliminate the cause of the problem and not just simply treat symptoms. The chiropractic adjustment is aimed to correct spinal misalignments so the brain and the nervous system can communicate better to all parts of the body. I refer to this as a great body tune-up.

Q: How do I schedule a session with you?

The best way is to call or text me at (505) 690-1107

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