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Animal Chiropractic Helps Tao

This is Tao, a horse that was rescued and brought back to health. Initially, this beautiful, sweet horse was forgotten in a back pasture. Obviously abandoned for some time, Tao could hardly move. He was skinny and malnourished with hooves that looked like snow skis and flared out five inches. When things could not get any worse Tao was attacked by a pack of dogs. Good fortune finally shined on Tao when he was found by a loving couple. Ulla Peterson, the owner of Kindred Spirits, an animal sanctuary, gave Tao his forever home. A gentle and kind ferrier helped Tao's feet! It was a lot of work to help Tao recover and I helped with animal chiropractic care to improve with his ease of movement, balance and healing process. Here's an example where Sherry's chiropractic skills worked in alignment with a village of helping hands and heart to give Tao a second chance at a good life.

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