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Peanut’s Success Story

Client Testimonial:

Peanut Kovach

"Peanut is a 3 year old Corgi mixed who our family rescued at 2 months old after she was dumped at a neighbor’s home. Active, playful and funny, Peanut was used to playing with her pup housemates, going on long hikes and playing at the local dog park. After being tackled by an unfamiliar dog at the local dog park, Peanut woke up two mornings later with her back legs completely paralyzed and she was constipated and distressed. Rushing her to urgent care, doctors provided anti-inflammatories and a recommendation to go to our primary veterinarian who then said we would need to pay for a $3000 MRI to then see if a $7500 surgery would help restore Peanut’s movement. If that wasn’t in our wheelhouse of possibilities, they told us that euthanasia would be our resort. Heartbroken, but confident in Peanut’s strength and resilience, we knew there would be an option to help our Peanut recover."

Animal Chiropractic Was Able To Help

"That is when we were blessed in meeting Dr. Sherry Gaber. Compassionate, confident and mindful, Dr. Gaber met with myself and Peanut at her office roughly ten days after the incident. Peanut had some return to her walking ability, but was still wobbly and in pain. After an hour of conversation, assessment and recommendations, the healing hands of Dr. Sherry were able to identify her severe misalignment at the top of her spine, the atlas vertebrae, which was hindering communication between her brain and her back legs. With an adjustment and time, Peanut not only gained strength in her back legs, but was able to trot back to my car and peacefully enjoy our drive home. After following Dr. Gaber’s advice regarding rest and diet, Peanut was able to maintain her adjustment and proved to be on the road to recovery when meeting with Dr. Gaber two weeks later.  

It is with great confidence and heart that I recommend Dr. Gaber’s animal chiropractic care for your animals. Peanut’s health and recovery went against what mainstream doctors advised and I am blessed in the new friendship and support we have in Dr. Gaber. Peanut is now recovering and will have a follow up with Dr. Gaber in five weeks to ensure her progress. Thank you, Dr. Sherry! We are so lucky!"


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