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Sherry Helps Tiger Lily

Client Testimonial:

"Tiger Lily is a 6 ½ year old Korean Jindo who is a tripod survivor from the meat markets in Korea. Rescued after surviving two years in cages and unfathomable abuse, Tiger Lily found sanctuary at Tails to the Wind Rescue in Sun Valley. Adopted in June 2016, Tiger Lily came with tremendous amounts of trauma and twitches that make her unique. However with patience and love, Tiger Lily transitioned into our home and in our lives while having strong passions for tall men and egg whites." 

Spinal Misalignments Straightened

Tiger Lily Kovach

"Four years later and after relocating to the beach for my work, her dog friend Peanut, suffered a sudden spinal injury. After seeing the success of Peanut’s recovery with the support of Dr. Gaber, I decided to schedule an appointment with Sherry knowing that Tiger Lily’s tripod status had curved her back and impacted how she ran and socialized with other dogs. During our meeting with Dr. Gaber, Tiger Lily was initially nervous but allowed Dr. Gaber to work with her while she sat in my lap. With creativity and compassion, Dr. Gaber was able to identify that Tiger Lily suffered several misalignments in her spine which impacted how her brain was connecting messages throughout her body. After a few adjustments, Tiger Lily stood up and shook her entire body with a smile, an act that I hadn’t seen her do other than during bath time. With careful instructions and supportive assurances, I took Tiger Lily home and was blown away by her progress. In a manner of days Tiger Lily’s spine was straightened, her walk more balanced, and she exuded a puppy-like playfulness I had never seen! Each day is a greater adventure, and now she is healthier and more supported thanks to the work with Dr. Gaber." 


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